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Member of the Godlight Theatre Company: 

2010 DRAMA DESK AWARD for “consistent originality and excellence in dramatizing modern literature, and especially for the vibrant theatricality of its innovative productions”. 



“He (Roche) had moments of greatness.  His sermon on gossip was wonderfully done.  When she (Sister James) tells him she believes him, his relief was beautifully played, and finally, I liked the guy.  His quiet moment of uncertainty after the fiery meeting with Sister Aloysius, the principal of the school, was powerful”.            -Theatre Online: Minda Larsen (DOUBT review)



"This balancing act works so well in this production because Mike Roche as Father Flynn and Alice Barrett Mitchell as Sister Aloysius make their characters flesh and blood people and not caricatures. Roche not only brings a straight-forward, earthy charisma to his role but also a subtle complexity as well. He shows us that something lurks beneath his persona, especially in his sermons. But whether it is loneliness or something darker we can only guess.  The audience might be divided on whether Father Flynn is guilty or not, but there's no doubt that this a great cast in a great production."      -Hi! Drama: Barry Liebmann (DOUBT review)


“Roche is convincing as Flynn.  The actor delivers fragments of the priest’s sermons in the same strong, deep, flat voice he uses when Father Flynn coaches his students in basketball. The hyper-masculine vocal quality may be a way of assuring parishioners he’s a straight-and-narrow guy, not a child molester.  Or maybe he really is on the straight and narrow.   In another smart choice when Father Flynn telephones a bishop after the final showdown with Sister Aloysius, Roche repeatedly clears his throat, as though the priest is trying to dislodge something-it could be shame or fear - that chokes him”.     -Backstage: Mark Dundas Wood (DOUBT review)



"T. Schreiber studio presented a brilliant work insightfully performed by outstanding actors. The standing ovation spoke for itself."

                                                                                - Theatre Online: Minda Larsen (DOUBT review)

"...a superb trio of actors. .. Mike Roche as the older Harry is a solid counterpoint and foil to Clay’s mercurial personality.  The two master the first complicated dialogue sequence like a perfect ping pong match". 

                                                                             -New York Theatre Wire (OCCASIONALLY NOTHING review)

“It’s masterfull, terrifically effective work... As Freddy the bar owner,  Mike Roche is shrewd and likable.  He has both feet planted firmly on the ground”  -  Martin Denton (Picasso at the Lapin Agile)

“Roche is unabashedly funny and takes on the role of Freddy flawlessly.  He is a learned actor and he obviously loves what he does.”    -   Nicole Caldwell, the twin boro news (Picasso at the Lapin Agile)

“The story,  which revolves around Montag and a professor (Mike Roche) does have it’s chilling moments”  -                                                      - Frank Scheck    The New York Post  (Fahrenheit 451)

"Roche is so believable as the smooth manipulator that you can't imagine him otherwise."

                                             -Eva Whalen - Beauty News NYC (Creditors by August Strindberg) 

"Mike Roche as Gustav struck a good balance between being a helpful friend on the surface, and his harmful agenda that lies beneath" 

                                             -Paul Berss - NY Theatre Wire (Creditors by August Strindberg) 

“A stage production of such a widely read novel could have earned a mere "interesting curiosity" stamp, but Mr. Tantalo and his actors seem determined not to let that happen.”   -    The New York Times (Fahrenheit 451)

"...a creative and devastating take on the Anthony Burgess Classic"  The Village Voice (A Clockwork Orange)

"FOUR STARS"   -  Metro (A Clockwork Orange. Edinburgh Festival)

"FOUR STARS!  Thought provoking, disturbing and visually stunning...this is a show which will stay in the mind long after the final bow".     -Edinburgh Evening News (A Clockwork Orange. Edinburgh Festival)


“The conceit works, as when Mike Roche essays Clarrisse’s retired professor uncle.”  

                                                  -Harry Forbes      Backstage   (Fahrenheit 451)

“a solid ensemble” 

- David Cote    TimeOut NY  (Fahrenheit 451)

*Member of AEA, SAG-AFTRA,  the Indie Film Lab, Urban Artists Collective,  NJ Rep, 



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