Mike is currently playing Cherry in Gary Morgenstein's wonderful piece JOYLAND!

Directed by DeMone Seraphin, Producer Russell J.  Friedman

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Click the above link for a recent NY Times editor's pick article about    Mike Roche and Holly O'Brien. 

Mike Roche Actor


Mike Roche's Acting Reel

Mike is playing Kurtis in KURTIS by the talented Julie Hays!  Catch our most recent episode here!



"He (Roche) had moments of greatness.  His sermon on gossip was wonderfully done.  When she (Sister James) tells him she believes him, his relief was beautifully played, and finally, I liked the guy.  His quiet moment of uncertainty after the fiery meeting with Sister Aloysius, the principal of the school, was powerful”.                                                               -Mindy Larson                                       TheatreOnline.com (DOUBT review)                          



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